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Enfuse 2017 Reflection – Jack Gleason: Social Media as Digital Evidence

Introduction Champlain College offers its students a plethora of opportunities and resources. I have been lucky enough to take advantage of these resources during my short time here with an internship at the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation. I can say that I left the internship with experience in a professional work environment, […]

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Software Developer

Enfuse 2017 Reflection – Matthew Fortier: A Software Developer at Enfuse

Introduction It’s no secret that EnFuse is not a conference marketed towards software developers. There are moments where a dev can feel welcome – like during one of Guidance Software’s demos showcasing the newest features of their EnCase forensic suite –  but other than that, there’s not common ground. The average software developer wouldn’t get […]

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Enfuse 2017 Reflection – Felisa Charles: Know Normal, Find Evil

Introduction I am truly grateful to have be chosen by the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI) to represent Champlain College at Enfuse 2017, a digital forensics conference hosted by Guidance Software. The knowledge I gained in just 4 days was immeasurable. By the end I walked away with a tremendous amount of new experience […]

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enfuse 2016

Enfuse 2016 Highlight- Jason Ehlers

LCDI’s Enfuse Experience: A Grad Student’s Perspective I was very fortunate to be selected to attend Guidance Software’s Enfuse 2016 conference as a part of the LCDI delegation. At the time, I was a non-traditional student who had chosen to come back to college after many years of prior work.  My previous job had me […]

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enfuse 2016 on monitor in a hotel

Enfuse 2016 Highlight- Jake Nicastro

Enfuse Session- Forensics Matters in Security: 360 Degree Visibility “You guys are like the James Bond of IT… flying under the radar and doing cool things.” said Guidance Software’s Mr. Paul Shomo to begin his Enfuse 2016 presentation called “Forensics Matters in Security: 360 Degree Visibility”. It was then and there I knew we were in for an […]

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DFIR Digital Forensics and Incident Response investigator in trenchcoat on computer white background

Enfuse 2016 Highlight – Nancy Champagne

Convergence Forensics Your company is hit with a data breach. What is your plan of attack? Where is the data you can use to assess the damage and identify the vulnerability? I attended the Convergence Forensics session at Enfuse 2016, presented by Heather Mahalik and Rob Lee. They explained various scenarios that exemplify how multiple […]

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enfuse 2016 hotel lobby

Enfuse 2016 Reflections – Amanda Johnson

Reflection After touching down at Baltimore/Washington International Airport after an amazing week in Las Vegas at Guidance Software’s Enfuse 2016 conference on Computer Security and Digital Forensics, I felt a sense of awe. It was one of the moments where you think to yourself, “Wow. That just happened.” I am so thankful to have had […]

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LCDI presentations Champlain College

LCDI Presentations – Spring 2016 Projects

the first ever lcdi presentations The LCDI received a warm response to their first ever project summary presentation event on Monday April 18, 2016, where the lab’s research teams gathered at Champlain College’s Alumni Auditorium and shared their experiences over the course of the 2016 spring semester to an open audience. With final project deadlines […]

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Tech Jam 2015

The LCDI Spends a Weekend at the Tech Jam Vermont’s Tech Jam is an annual event that brings together the many businesses and organizations in the region working on cutting edge technologies with interested consumers, students, and employers. It is a place for the most innovative companies and firms to showcase their work and for […]

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So you Think your Data is Safe?

On March 26, 2015, Leahy Center for Digital Investigation Director, Jonathan Rajewski, presented to an audience at the Data4Decisions Conference in Raleigh, NC. His talk focused on big data, analytics and how data security / breach are areas that must be “top of mind” of every employee at an organization. In his presentation, Rajewski stressed that […]

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