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Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics Update 1

Introduction Applications are the backbone of every modern mobile operating system. With millions of applications available, it has become difficult to guarantee the security of user data on mobile phones. This project aims to find and document artifacts left by popular mobile apps. Our analysis will cover the three leading mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, […]

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forensic report enfuse

Enfuse 2017 Reflection – Jonathan Castro: Forensic Report Writing

Introduction Each year, Champlain College selects several students to attend a three-day security and digital investigations conference called EnFuse. Students who have the opportunity to attend Enfuse not only get a chance to learn new skills to bring back to the classroom, they can also network with professionals in their field. I was among those […]

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Application Analysis: Conclusion

Introduction: To close out our list of Web Apps, we finished up on Discord. It has been an interesting experience for us to work with the three diverse apps over the last semester. Our analysis on Discord brought our research to a close. Seeing several key similarities with our first application Slack, it was an […]

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Bluetooth Security Forensics 4.0

Introduction Since our last update, the Bluetooth team has made progress on hitting our devices with L2ping. We have also received communication from Btlejuice’s creator to help us solve some of the problems we encountered. We learned that Btlejuice is optimized to run using the Google Chrome web browser, so we worked on getting Chrome […]

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Mobile App Analysis Part 3

Introduction The Mobile Application Forensics team is wrapping up analysis on Signal by Open Whisper Systems, and is starting data generation on the new mobile dating app, Bumble. The iOS team, unfortunately, did not find many artifacts left by Signal. The Android team had better luck, and found some interesting artifacts as seen below. Signal […]

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