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Windows Store and Apps Analysis – MUS2019

Windows Store and Apps (APPX) Analysis While attending the Magnet User Summit in Nashville, I had the opportunity to sit in on fascinating talks and labs. One of my favorites was the talk about Universal Windows Apps given by our very own Professor Yogesh Khatri and Jack Farley. As somebody who knew next to nothing […]

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Mobile App Forensics Intern Blog 2

Introduction Over the past month, our team has analyzed the applications Expedia and Google Trips. These apps help users plan trips to locations abroad with features to order reservations and plan day trips. Our goal for analyzing these applications was to find out how much information they hold for forensic investigators. This will in turn […]

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Application Analysis: Conclusion

Introduction: To close out our list of Web Apps, we finished up on Discord. It has been an interesting experience for us to work with the three diverse apps over the last semester. Our analysis on Discord brought our research to a close. Seeing several key similarities with our first application Slack, it was an […]

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Application Analysis: A Closer Look At Business Apps

Introduction¬† The Application Analysis team has continued examining the desktop-based web applications for both Mac and PC. We are currently finalizing our tests with Slack and DropBox. They were searching for files that could hold company, user, and file information. While these are only tests in the context of a real world scenario, this info […]

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Mobile App Analysis Part 3

Introduction The Mobile Application Forensics team is wrapping up analysis on Signal by Open Whisper Systems, and is starting data generation on the new mobile dating app, Bumble. The iOS team, unfortunately, did not find many artifacts left by Signal. The Android team had better luck, and found some interesting artifacts as seen below. Signal […]

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Laptop and logos for Twitter, Discord, Slack, and Dropbox

Application Analysis: The Prep

Introduction To Application Analysis The Web Application Analysis team has been assigned to examine desktop-based web applications for both Mac and PC and determine what kind of artifacts can be found from them. Thus far, the team has endeavored to analyze Discord, Dropbox, Slack, and Twitter. We have also selected several forensic tools to help […]

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Mobile App Forensics: Second App Completion

Introduction As we near the end of the academic semester, the mobile app forensics team has begun completing reports on our second round of mobile application analysis. Our team operates in two independent groups, each focusing on a specific app exclusive to the iOS or Android app stores, as well as a second app that […]

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Mobile App Forensics: First App Completion

Introduction As the midpoint of the semester flies by, the Mobile App Forensics team has begun preparations on our final reports. This team operates in two independent groups, each focusing on a particular application available on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. Thus far both groups have completed an analysis on […]

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Google Glass Apps Part 2

App Proposal Google Glass is a wearable device similar to a cell phone that uses voice commands and swipe gestures to activate applications and certain other features. Here at the LCDI, we are looking to create an application that can help Forensic investigators either in the field or around the lab. We have come up […]

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