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Data Recovery Blog 2

Putting Hard Drives to the Test At the LCDI, we believe your data is important, and surely most would agree. The pictures of your family vacation are important, but what about your passwords? The hard drives that are in most computers store your data, leaving it open for anyone with the proper knowledge to find […]

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Data Recovery – Blog 1

The Science of Data Recovery Do you think your deleted data is truly gone? Every day, people around the world share, save, or move critically important data, like credit card numbers, medical checks, and passwords. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that the delete function erases files forever, but the truth is that those files […]

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So you Think your Data is Safe?

On March 26, 2015, Leahy Center for Digital Investigation Director, Jonathan Rajewski, presented to an audience at the Data4Decisions Conference in Raleigh, NC. His talk focused on big data, analytics and how data security / breach are areas that must be “top of mind” of every employee at an organization. In his presentation, Rajewski stressed that […]

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