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Automated Network Scanning % Success Over Error

Network Scanning Wrap Up Now That We’re Done Welcome to the final installment of the Automated Network Scanning % team’s official blog. Our project is now over. The final tweaks are being made to our script, our scans are all shut down, and our team is beginning to finish their internship hours. A lot has […]

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Network Scanning + Update 2

Introduction As November comes to a close, we are nearing the end of our project. With the script complete, all we have left to do is finish up a final report and a few more scans. Due to some yet to be solved bug in our code, the script fails when run from the physical […]

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Automated Network Scanning ! Update

Our Progress The Automated Network Scanning ! team ran into several issues writing our scanner. The first approach we took was incredibly slow and inefficient, as we scanned every host with a separate Nmap scan. This meant that our program had to start up a new Nmap process every time. While this approach worked well […]

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